Actors' Headhots . FAQs 

How long does a shoot take?

A session usually lasts around one and a half to two hours. That said, I never book anything immediately after a session so if extra time is needed I will always keep working until you are happy and we've covered all options. Equally if you are on a tight schedule and we manage to get good work done within a shorter space of time then I won't drag the shoot out if you need to get somewhere! Although I'd always recommend being as stress-free as possible for your shoot.

How many images do you take?

Within the session anything upwards of 400 frames will be taken. I whittle these down to around 150-200 images for you to choose from.

How many images will I get?

The standard offering is three images, retouched and cropped, in a high resolution and a low resolution format ready for you to use online and in print. If you would like more please email me to discuss what you need. Additional images are priced at £20 per photograph.

Where are you based?

I work from a studio in London SE1 between Borough Underground Station and Elephant and Castle (five minute walk from either station), also just 15 minutes walk from London Bridge. It's a great location within a warehouse of artist studios and allows for the option of in studio or on location shots in the various interesting corners of the building and surrounding area.

If you would like me to travel to you please get in touch and we can discuss if this would be possible.

What are the transport links and is there parking at your studio?

The nearest Underground stations are Borough (Northern Line) and Elephant and Castle (Northern Line and Bakerloo line). There are also busses that stop round the corner: 35, 40, 133, 343, C10. There is also a Santander bike docking station outside the studio.

My studio is inside the Congestion Charge Zone, and there is no free parking near by until after 6pm.

Do you shoot digitally or on film?

For headshots I always shoot digitally as this is most cost effective for you and allows for a quick turn around.

Do you photograph in a studio or outside?

If the weather allows I generally prefer to work outside with natural light and light reflectors. However, I work from a studio with full lighting and back drops set up and ready to use when needed or if preferred.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes. This applies to students training at accredited drama schools or on full time degrees at university.

How can I prepare for the shoot?

Beyond the obvious of making sure you have a good sleep the night before the shoot, I always recommend drinking lots of water in the days leading up to the shoot (and generally in life!). Make sure you've had breakfast (or lunch) before the shoot. An empty stomach will just make you feel lightheaded. If you are planning a hair cut please make sure you have it at least a week before the headshot session. From my own experience a hair cut the day before is never a good idea!

What clothes should I bring?

You are welcome to bring a couple of different tops to try. This hugely depends on what look you're going for, and indeed what kind of personality you are. For some, a change of top from a t-shirt to a collar makes little impact on the final headshot, or how the viewer's eye is drawn to the face. For others it can be a game changer. So it's always best to bring a couple of options! White/cream coloured tops reflect light and can add a subtle brightness to your picture if you have darker colouring, An in opposition darker tops suck light in, so can add a slightly dramatic or more intense look if you have lighter colouring. Generally neutral tones are a safe bet, but colour can be interesting too. Consider your hair colouring and skin tone - you know what colours and styles suit you best so feel free to bring along your favourite top as an option. If you would like further guidance with what to bring don't hesitate to get in touch prior to your booking and we can chat about it in more detail.

Should I wear make-up?

Your headshot, whilst striking, should look natural. It is meant to represent you at your average best. Someone looking at your photograph can always imagine you looking more "made up", but it's more difficult to image what someone looks like without make up. So I would encourage for women a light-weight foundation so help even the skin tone, a little mascara and eyeliner. But it has to work to simply enhance your natural features. (Unless of course you are specifically going for a more dressed up look to add to your portfolio, in which case go for it!) DO NOT CAKE ON LOTS OF FOUNDATION. For men, if you would like to shave half way through the shoot that is absolutely fine. The very best thing a client can do is drink lots of water and make sure you have had a good night sleep before the shoot. Lip balm is a must for both men and women.

There is a full length mirror in my studio for you to use.

Do you air-brush?

Not as such. The re-touching of your images involves removing any blemishes that are not usually on your face, removing stray hair, and working with the colour and light balances to make you look your best. Your fundamental facial structure and skin texture will not change! I do not remove permanent scars or moles and freckles. If you want to be manufactured into something you are not, I suggest looking else where! I will however do everything in the edit to make you look fresh, engaged, in focus, and on time... as much as I can!

Do you do other types of photos as well as headshots?

Yes. If you need other types of photographs taken, for example full length shots to contribute to your portfolio, then get in touch and we can discuss what you have in mind. I have done collaborative fashion shoots, musicians and bands, production shots, press stills, so I'm always happy to discuss ideas you might have. I do documentary photography for a range of live events. For examples of my documentary work have a look at my other website.

Do you do prints?

I don't do prints myself as this is an art form in itself, but can recommend printers to you and email the final images directly to them on your behalf.

I have more questions.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have: hkjedrosz[at]